Avee series microphone add-ons

With a passion for flying, the engineers at Avee have crafted a noise-cancelling microphone add-on that connects directly with your favorite ANR headphones, transforming standard use headphones into a state-of-the-art aviation headset.


Experience unprecedented comfort with extremely light weight durable components and thin flexible cables. When combined with your ANR headphones, it creates a light-weight wearable experience with superior audio communication.


The aircraft electronic interface and a microphone boom are integrated into a compact clip-on unit that simply plugs directly into the base of your ANR headphones. The add-on is securely fastened in place with a robust magnetic connection, preventing it from accidentally detaching from your headset.
Complete your setup by connecting your aircraft adapter cable to your aviation audio panel and let Avee do the rest! Our system is fully automated with nothing to configure, simply connect, and sit back and enjoy your flight.


Choose from a variety of Avee products to integrate perfectly with your ANR headphones. Our kits include a microphone add-on specific to your headset and an aircraft adapter cable. If you’re interested in connecting your mobile device during flight our Bluetooth® Combination Kits include our Bluetooth® controller to connect multiple mobile devices simultaneously.
If you’ve already outfitted yourself with some of our products individual components are available for purchase.


Bluetooth Connectivity

Get the most out of your flight communication with an added level of comfort and accessibility. Pair your Avee Microphone Add-On with our Bluetooth Controller for simple volume control, and connection with up to two mobile devices.

Failsafe System

The Avee series receives power from the aircraft, as long as the aircraft radio and communications are up and running, you will be too. If battery power is lost in the Bose headset they will continue to send and receive audio. The Bluetooth controller has an internal battery which lasts up to 40 hours. If battery power is lost only the Bluetooth connectivity is lost.

Mix & Match Adapter Cables

The Avee system makes it easy for multi-aircraft users. Choose from a variety of adapter cables and simply detach and replace it with an alternate in seconds. No configuration required.

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