Avee series microphone add-ons

With a passion for both enginering and flying, we have designed a noise-cancelling microphone add-on that connects directly with your favorite ANR headphones, transforming standard use headphones into a state-of-the-art aviation headset.

Why using standard headphones

There are many reasons for using standard headphones as aviation headphones:

  • We claim that the the comfort and quality on the standard state-of-the-art headphones from Bose® QC25®,Bose® QC35® and Sony® WH-1000XM3®) is superior compared to any aviation headset comfort and quality.
    These headsets are simply made with minimum clamp-force, maximum comfort and maximum sound quality as main focus and goal.

  • The ANR in the headphones we support have developed tremendously even during the last recent years. These non-aviation headphones are produced in huge quantities for a large ‘standard customer’ market.
    This means that improvements and customer cost benefits are available in a much larger scale than on low production volume aviation headsets.

  • Modern aircrafts (both commercial jets and private smaller aircrafts with piston engines) are far less noisy than 10-20 years ago.
    The bulky and heavy headset with a fairly high degree of passive noise reduction is simply no longer needed: the modern ANR has taken over.
    All in all it makes selected standard headphones extremely well suited as aviation headphones.They are simply made for aviation use.

  • Most pilots get a ride in the back seat once in a while.
    Having your own personel state-of-the-art available while listening to music, makes the ride shorter.

We have made an Avee aircraft microphone add on that fits each of these selected headphones.

A question about hygene

Having your own personal headset is also a question of hygiene. It is not really a comforting thought to know that the headset you are wearing has been used numerous other persons for a number of hours in a row before you.
Having to clean the headset earpads and the microphone with cleaner swabs before you start your flight is not really a good start of the day.

The Avee Solution

The Avee solutiion combines the unprecedented comfort of these selected standard headsets with extremely light weight durable components and thin flexible cables.
The Avee solution is a light-weight wearable experience with superior audio communication.


The aircraft electronic interface and a microphone boom are integrated into a compact clip-on unit that simply plugs directly into the base of your ANR headphones. The add-on is securely fastened in place with a robust magnetic connection, preventing it from accidentally detaching from your headset.
The aircraft adapter cable with your choice of length and conectors – goes directly from the headset Avee add on to your aviation audio panel.
Our system is fully automated with nothing to configure – no switches to set.
Estimated battery life on the headphones is 30 hrs. If the battery in the headphones run out of power, you will still hear ATC & intercom: only the ANR is lost.


Choose from a variety of Avee products to integrate perfectly with your ANR headphones. Our kits include a microphone add-on specific to your headset and an aircraft adapter cable.

Bluetooth Connectivity

If you’re interested in connecting your mobile device via Bluetooth during flight – the BlueLink makes that possible.
Music is automatically being muted when ATC and intercom calls are detected and all basic headphone capabilities are kept even when the BluLink is empty of battery.
The Bluetooth controller has an internal battery which lasts up to 40 hours. If battery power is lost only the Bluetooth connectivity is lost.

Mix & Match Adapter Cables

The Avee system makes it easy for multi-aircraft users. Choose from a variety of adapter cables and simply detach and replace it with an alternative in seconds. No configuration required.

Avee is a technology company specializing on microphone- and Bluetooth connectivity add-ons for standard noise reduction headsets.

Around 90% of our customers are professional commercial pilots while the remaining 10% are private pilots.

How to reach us
You can reach us by email or phone and even via Facebook:

How to reach us

You can reach us by email, phone and via Facebook.
We speak French, English and Norwegian.

Nous parlons français.

  +47 22 37 67 00



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