The Avee microphone add-on for the Bose® 700

The Avee700 microphone add-on for the Bose® 700 is in production and will be start to ship from us mid March.
Due to the situation in China this product has been delayed, but we are now back on track with our production.

The Bose® 700

Based on numerous in-flight tests with the Bose® 700, we strongly believe this product will challenge the QC25®, the QC35® and even the Sony® WH1000XM3 (XM3).
The noise reduction (ANR )on the 700 has improved substantially compared to its predecessors, and our impression is that the ANR is even better than on the Sony XM3. As on all Bose® headsets, the comfort is simply excellent.

Numerous new features have been built into the Bose ®700. Many of these features are not really needed when using the 700 as an aviation headset, but the possibility to adjust the headset volume from the headset itself (even when connected to the Avee or external wired source) is really practical and useful.

The Avee microphone add-on for the Bose® 700

The Avee microphone add-on for the Bose® 700 is our forth generation of the Avee microphone add-ons.
Customer feed back – as well as our own experience with our add-ons for the QC25®,QC35® and XM3 has been analysed and channelized into the development of the add-on for the Bose® 700.

In brief the following improvements have been implemented in the Avee700 microphone add-on for the Bose® 700:

  • Even better connection to the headset
    Four magnets for a firm & secure connection between the Avee add-on and the Bose® 700.
    Safely attach and detach the add-on from the headset.
    On the Bose® 700 we have developed a new discrete magnetic stripe with four neodymium magnets.


  • New microphone element
    An ultra noise cancelling microphone element is taking over for our previous noise cancelling microphone element.
    This element results in even less cockpit noise being picked up by the Avee microphone.


  • Microphone output level
    We have added the possibility for a ‘wider envelope’ in the microphone output level from the Avee add-on.
    We have experienced issues for customers with a ‘low voice’ with the new ultra noise cancelling mic, and the extended output level adjustment possibility solves this problem.


  • Angle for cable connection to add-on adjusted
    The angle for the connector going into the Avee add-on is changed. This means that the strength relief on the avee cable is pointing 15 degrees more forward than on previous Avee versions.
    The reason for changing the connection angle, is that we have had issues & comments where customers feel the cable strength relief is ‘poking into’ their shoulder.


  • Headset level adjustment
    Improved headphone volume regulation to the headset speakers is now available.
    Please note that this feature is mostly used by pilots (or more commonly the ones in the back seat with no individual headset level adjustments from the aircraft avionics.


  • Avee settings
    The Avee microphone add-on for the Bose® 700 is controlled by a micro controller like all our Avee add-ons.
    A number of parameters can be adjusted in the Avee700 add-on. These settings can either be performed directly from the Avee700 via push buttons now found on the underside of the Avee,- or via the BlueLink which of course the Avee700 is compatible with.


  • The add-on heigth
    The height of the Avee700 has been reduced with a good 50% compared to the add-on for the QC35®.


  • The new microphone boom
    Last but not least, the Avee700 will be available with the new Avee microphone boom as well as the microphone ‘legacy’ boom we are currently using.
    Our new microphone boom is more sturdy than the current boom:
    • The root of the microphone (first 5 cm/2 inches) is made from ABS (plastic) while the remaining part is a flexible 3mm boom.
      This solution gives a stable position on the microphone, but still gives the possibility to easy move the mic out of way for eating, drinking, coughing etc.
    • Can be adjusted & secured in length (on the fly) from 120mm to 165mm.
    • Can be adjusted & secured 2×30 degrees (on the fly) in the twist direction.
    • Can easily be exchanged with a new boom or the ‘legacy’ boom we are currently using. 
    • The new microphone boom will be available mid May 2020.

Available now

The Avee700 microphone add-on for the Bose® 700 is in stock.
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