Avee AS (Avee Ltd) is a technology company specializing in manufacturing microphone and Bluetooth connectivity add-ons for standard noise reduction headsets. We focus on supporting commercial and private pilots with our headset solutions.
The company Avee AS was established in 2017 and is privately owned.  All employees are shareholders. 


Out business hours are from 09:00 to 16:00 / 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM Monday to Friday.
Please note that we are located close to Oslo, Norway and we are on UTC + 2hrs (same as France and Germany and most of Europe).


Where we are

We are located in the southern part of Norway some 17km outside Oslo.
Our formal address is:
Helsetlia 20,
N-1353 Baerums Verk, Norway



Stig is in charge of Avee. He is taking care of all official paperwork and makes sure all our sub contractors get paid. Without him we would not be Avee!


Martine from Quebec in Canada is in charge of all daily operations. She is the one you will normally communicate with if you email us or give us a call.
Martine speaks French, English, understands some Norwegian and is without doubt our most valued employee.


Every company need a person dedicated to creating a mess. Knut is succesfully taking care of this role in our company.
For unknown reasons he is also in charge of production and development.

Avee is a technology company specializing on microphone- and Bluetooth connectivity add-ons for standard noise reduction headsets.

We estimate that around 90% of our customers are professional commercial pilots while the remaining 10% are private pilots.

How to reach us
You can reach us by email, phone and via Facebook in French, English and Norwegian.
Nous parlons français.

  +47 22 37 67 00