This news ticker is updated April 29th – 2020:
We are all getting back to a life ! Spring has arrived Norway – and the corona is about to leave. All Avee products – including the BlueLink and the new Avee700 – are in stock. We do still have some minor restrictions and will ship Tuesday and Fridays until further notice.
The Avee for the Bose 700 is in stock and ready to be shipped to you !
Finally: Phone support for the BlueLink is now available. Please go to the Support -> Download page to get the BlueLink software updater and install software version 2.0/April 28 2020 to get it on your BlueLink!
The Avee headset case is now offered with your name and phone number lasered.
Software update available for the Avee microphone add-on (version 3.0/April 28th 2020). The Avee microphone add-on can be upgraded via the BlueLink.

The Avee700 for the
Bose® 700 is shipping now

We are happy to tell that we have started shipping the Avee700 for the new Bose® 700 !

The Avee700 is our fourth generation aviation microphone add-on, and it has turned out to be awfully nice !
The combination of the Bose® 700 and the Avee700 add-on will blow your ears out!

The Avee aviation
microphone add-ons

Avee professional microphone add-ons for standard Bose® and Sony® ANR headsets.
Complete kits in stock starting on USD 269.

The Avee BlueLink
Bluetooth controller

The optional plug & play Bluetooth controller enables a safe and reliable – and seamless connection between your headset and your phone or pad.
Enjoy listening to your favorite music with superb stereo audio quality while flying !
Full safety with ATC over-ride built in.

Phone support on the BlueLink

Receive and make phone calls while connected to the Avee BlueLink.

Aircraft transparent mode, aircraft listen in and fully private modes are supported.
Available with BlueLink software 2.0 which can be downloaded to the BlueLink with the Avee Download Tool (ADT).


Avee microphone add-ons that fits Bose ® QC25 ® and QC35 ® MkI/ MkII as well as the Sony ® WH-1000XM3 ® are available.

We have now startid shipping the Avee700 add-on for the Bose® 700.

All Avee add-ons are compatible with the Avee BlueLink.

The Avee case –
made for you and your Avee !


The Avee case is made for you: your headset, your cables and your Avee kit. Even the BlueLink fits perfectly.
Optionally lasered free of charge with your name and phone number / email address.

Maximum comfort

Light weight and very low clamp force –
superior noise reduction

Clean and seamless solution

Seamless professional integration with your ANR headset and aircraft intercom & radio systems.
The headphone cable goes directly to the aircraft without bulky interface boxes.

Noise cancelling exchangeable microphone

The avee noise cancelling microphone with frequency filters is reducing environment noise picked up by the microphone to a minimum.
The flexible microphone boom is exchangeable and is available in two different lengths.

Magnetic connection between add-on and headset

The avee microphone add-on is attached to the headphones using a proven safe and reliable magnetic connection (pat. pending).
The avee add-on is attached securely to the headphone in less than a second and makes your headset perfect for both recreational and professional use.

Cables and aircraft interface connectors

Our cables and connectors are light weight and manufactured according to professional quality standards. All popular aircraft connectors are available:
* GA (the ‘standard’ dual connectors)
* XLR-5 (Airbus and Boeing)
* Bose® / Lemo Redel® (Airbus)
* Neutricon (Boeing)
* 174/U (helicopters)

Lasered name and phone number/email on the new Avee Headset case

We are now offering lasering your name and phone number / email on the new Avee headset case.
No extra charge !

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Avee is a Norwegian based technology company specializing on aviation microphone- and Bluetooth connectivity add-ons for standard noise reduction headsets.

Approximately 90% of our customers are professional commercial pilots.

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